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Holiday Schedule: Our coin processing facility will be closed November 24-28.

Thanksgiving week is usually a slow time at Euro Coin Exchange, so we are giving our coin processing crew the whole week off. If you ship any coins to us during Thanksgiving week, we will get them processed right after the holiday. Should you need to reach us, our business office will open during regular business hours November 24-26, and closed November 27-28. Regular payment processing will resume on Monday, December 1. If you have any questions, please call us at 855-EUROCOIN (855-387-6264) or click the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page.

What we buy; What we pay

Exchange your Canadian, Euro, Swiss & UK coins and notes for U.S. dollars. Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda and Cayman Islands, too.  We also buy paper money from Australia, Brazil and New Zealand.

(scroll down for more countries, pre-euro currencies)

To calculate the amount we will pay you in U.S. dollars for your euros, pounds or Canadian currency, multiply what you have by the “Conversion Try our new currency calculatorRate.” For example, if you send us 200 British pounds, all in coins, we will pay you $230.00 (200 multiplied by 1.15).

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with this chart, or try our handy Exchange Rate Calculator.

What we pay for modern currencies ($/€, $/£, etc.)
Country Paper Money Coins we buy Coins
Australia $0.78 None ——
Bahamas $0.65 dimes, quarters $0.50
Barbados $0.30 $0.10 and up $0.25
Bermuda $0.65 $0.10 and up $0.50
Brazil (see note below) $0.35 None ——
Canada $0.74 All $0.62
Cayman Islands $0.82 dimes, quarters $0.60
Ecuador None $0.10 and up $0.50
Euro $0.95 All $0.81
New Zealand $0.55 None ——
Singapore $0.55 $0.10 and up $0.40
Switzerland $0.90 All $0.70
U.K. (see note below) $1.30 All $1.15

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING BRAZILIAN BANKNOTES: We only exchange modern Brazilian banknotes ("Reals"). We do not accept Cruzados or Cruzeiros because these are no longer valid Brazilian currency.

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING OLDER BRITISH COINS: When sending British coins issued prior to 1971 (the pre-decimal British coins such as the ½p, penny, sixpence, or threepence coins), please be aware that they are worth less than the more modern British coins. Prior to 1971 there were 240 pence per £; now there are 100 pence per £.

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We buy many old (pre-euro) banknotes & coins, too (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, etc.)

(Scroll up for Canada, Euro, Switzerland & UK coins and notes, plus others)

To calculate the amount we will pay you in U.S. dollars for your old currency, multiply what you have by the “Conversion Rate.” For example, if you have 200 Austrian schillings, Try our new currency calculatormultiply 200 by 0.07267 and the result is $14.53.

Follow the links in the chart for pictures of the banknotes we will buy. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with this chart, or try our handy Exchange Rate Calculator.

Note: For most old (pre-euro) currencies, we only buy banknotes. We do not buy coins. Two exceptions: we will buy your German and Irish coins.

What we pay for European "legacy" currencies
Country Currency code Conversion rate Currency name
Austria (ATS) 0.07267 Austrian schilling
Belgium (BEF) 0.02479 Belgian franc
(DEM) 0.51129 Deutsche Mark
(DEM) 0.45016 Deutsche Mark
(IEP) 1.2697 Irish pound
(IEP) 1.11789 Irish pound
Malta (MTL) 2.3293 Maltese liri
Netherlands (NLG) *** Dutch guilder
Portugal (PTE) 0.0049879 Portuguese escudo
Slovenia (SIT) 0.0041729 Slovenian tolar
Spain (ESP) 0.0060101 Spanish peseta

NOTICE: We no longer buy Finnish markkaa, French francs or Italian lira. See details on our Finland page, our France page, or our Italy page.

***Important notice regarding Dutch Currency: Due to exchange restrictions imposed by the Central Bank of the Netherlands, we do not buy Dutch guilders. We will accept your guilders and donate them to humanitarian organizations in Holland on your behalf. You will not receive any payment for guilders.