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What we buy; What we pay

Sell your Canadian, Swiss & UK banknotes for U.S. dollars. We also buy paper money from the countries listed below:

To calculate the amount we will pay you in U.S. dollars for your foreign currency, multiply what you have by the “Conversion Try our currency calculatorRate.” For example, if you send us 200 British pounds, we will pay you $230.00 (200 multiplied by 1.15).

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with this chart, or try our handy Currency Calculator.

What we buy, what we pay ($ per £, etc.)
Country Currency code Conversion rate Currency name
Australia (AUD) 0.60 Australian dollar
Austria (1983+) (ATS) 0.06567 Austrian schilling
Belgium (1944+) (BEF) 0.02229 Belgian franc
Canada (CAD) 0.65 Canadian dollar
Germany (1948+) (DEM) 0.46129 Deutsche Mark
Ireland (IEP) 1.1497 Irish pound
Malta (1989+) (MTL) 2.1993 Maltese liri
Netherlands (NLG) *** Dutch guilder
New Zealand (NZD) 0.50 New Zealand dollar
Portugal (1987+) (PTE) 0.0044979 Portuguese escudo
Spain (1939+) (ESP) 0.0054101 Spanish peseta
Switzerland (1976+) (CHF) 0.85 Swiss franc
U.K. (GBP) 1.15 British pound

NOTICE: We no longer buy Finnish markkaa, French francs or Italian lira. See details on our Finland page, our France page, or our Italy page.

***Important notice regarding Dutch Currency: Due to exchange restrictions imposed by the Central Bank of the Netherlands, we do not buy Dutch guilders. We will accept your guilders and donate them to humanitarian organizations in Holland on your behalf. You will not receive any payment for guilders.