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Mexican Peso Coins and Banknotes


Euro Coin Exchange will exchange your modern Mexican peso paper money for dollars, and we will buy many of your higher face value Mexican coins, too. Specifically, we buy all Mexican banknotes dated 1992 and later, and we will buy all Mexican coins with face value of 1 peso or more which are dated 1992 and later (see pictures below).

NOTE: The abbreviation for peso is "$", so 50 pesos is commonly written as "$50".

What about those $500 and $1000 Mexican coins from the 1980's? A little history:

In 1993, Mexico revalued its currency. 1,000 old pesos become one new peso. Since old pesos are now worth only 1/1000 of their face value in New Pesos, all those $500 and $1,000-peso coins which American tourists brought home by the bushel in the 1980's are pretty much worthless. Please do not send any old pesos to us —  all coins dated before 1992 will be discarded.

But if you have visited Mexico in the last 20 years, you can cash in your Mexican paper money and larger denomination coins.

We will buy all of the following notes (these are the notes most commonly found in circulation today):

Mexican 20 peso note

Mexican 50 peso note

Mexican 100 peso note

Mexican 100 peso commemorative note

Mexican 200 peso note

Mexican 200 peso commemorative note

Mexican 500 peso note

Mexican 1,000 peso note

We also buy older Mexican notes (so long as they were issued 1992 and later). Contact us if you need assistance identifying your notes.


Which Mexican coins will you buy?

We will exchange $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 Mexican coins dated 1992 and later. See below for pictures of representative coins we will and won't buy. Keep in mind that Mexico has issued many commemorative coins, so we have not included pictures of every coin in every series. In general, most of the newer Mexican coins are bi-metallic: gold-colored on the outer ring and silver-colored in the center or (in the case of the 1's, 2's and 5's) gold in the center and silver on the edge.

Mexican Coins We Will Buy

Typical Mexican coins we will buy

Coins We Will Not Buy:

Please keep in mind that we do not buy 10, 20 or 50 centavo coins. See below for pictures of typical Mexican centavo coins we will not buy.

Mexican Coins We Will Not Buy

As noted above, we will not buy any coins issued prior to 1993. Examples of these older, 1980's-era coins, appear below:

1980's era coins we will not buy

Images courtesy of Banco de México.