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Dutch guilder banknotes


How do I exchange Dutch guilders for U.S. dollars?

Due to a policy implemented by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), the Dutch Central Bank, which prohibits the exchange of guilder notes obtained in the course of business after January 27, 2002, we do not purchase Dutch guilder (pre-euro) banknotes. We can, however, help you put those old bills to good use.

You have several options. First, you can personally exchange the guilder notes pictured below for euros by presenting them to the DNB in Amsterdam.

You can also donate them to charitable organizations operating in Holland which are permitted to exchange them for euros. We have made arrangements to collect old guilder banknotes and transmit them to the Dutch office of Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), an international humanitarian relief organization.Email from Doctors Without Borders, Amsterdam

If you would like to contribute your old guilders to Doctors Without Borders, please send them to us and we will combine them with other customers’ notes and forward them to Holland.

We do not accept guilder (pre-euro) coins.

The Dutch banknotes pictured below may be exchanged at the DNB in Amsterdam, or we will accept them for contribution on your behalf to Doctors Without Borders.






Images courtesy of De Nederlandsche Bank.