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Calculate the value of your currency

To calculate the amount you would receive for your foreign currency if we received it today, enter the quantity of each currency you plan to send in the appropriate column of the table below, then click the 'Calculate' button.

REMINDER: Enter the total face value of each currency you plan to send; do not enter the number of coins or notes into the calculator. 

Rates are subject to change daily. We buy all currencies at the rates posted on our web site at 9:00 am EST on the day the currency is actually received at our processing center.

For most countries listed, we buy coins and notes. If there is no exchange rate listed for coins for a particular country (for example, Belgium), we only buy notes.

Country Currency Banknotes Rate Coins Rate We Pay ($)
Australia Dollars $0.70 —— ——
Canada Dollars $0.70 $0.59
EU Euros (€) $0.90 $0.71
New.Zealand Dollars $0.55 —— ——
Switzerland Francs $0.90 $0.70
UK Pounds.(£) $1.25 $1.10
↓↓↓ Pre-Euro “Legacy” Currencies (except where indicated, no coins please) ↓↓↓
Austria Schillings $0.06567 —— ——
Belgium Francs $0.02229 —— ——
Germany Marks $0.46129 $0.40016
Ireland Pounds.(£) $1.1497 —— ——
Malta Lira $2.1993 —— ——
Netherlands Guilders * —— ——
Portugal Escudos $0.0044979 —— ——
Spain Pesetas $0.0054101 —— ——
          TOTAL $

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*Important notice regarding Dutch Guilders: Due to exchange restrictions imposed by the Central Bank of the Netherlands, we do not buy Dutch guilders. We will accept your guilders and donate them to humanitarian organizations in Holland on your behalf. You will not receive any payment for guilders.