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At Euro Coin Exchange, we will buy your leftover euro coins and notes and convert them into US dollars. We also buy all Canadian coins and bills, along with British pounds (£'s), Swiss francs, Australian dollars and more.

Whether you have a pocketful of euro coins left over from a vacation, a mix of notes and coins left over from a business trip, old European banknotes from the days before the euro, or a jar of Canadian coins gathering dust, you can convert them to spendable cash by sending them to Euro Coin Exchange.

From €5 to €5000, or C$5 to C$5000 (or more), we can help with unsurpassed service and security – all backed by our Safe Exchange Guarantee.

Banks are not interested in coins
If you’ve ever tried to exchange Canadian coins at your local bank, or to convert euro or British coins at a currency exchange, you’ve probably been disappointed to learn that they only buy PAPER MONEY. Banks rarely (if ever) buy back foreign coins. Euro Coin Exchange solves this problem for you safely and conveniently.

More than just coins
Canadian $2 billWhen it comes to solving your currency exchange problems, Euro Coin Exchange can help with more than just coins. Banks are not willing to accept older paper money, and in many cases we can exchange those older notes when nobody else will. Do you have Canadian $1 or $2 bills, or notes that are so old that the Queen still looks a little new Damaged £5 noteat the job? Have you been told that your British or Swiss banknotes are "too old" or "no longer valid," or that your British £1 notes have been taken out of circulation? Don't throw those notes away! We will exchange all of your Canadian and British paper money regardless of its age (and even if it's tattered and worn). If you have old European paper money left over from the days before100 DM banknote the Euro (German marks, Spanish pesetas, etc.) and need to exchange it for dollars, your bank will probably tell you that you are out of luck. Next time you visit your bank, tell them "I exchanged my old banknotes at Euro Coin Exchange!" Click here for details.

Small transactions are welcome, too
We often receive calls from customers who have just $10 in Canadian bills, or 20 Swiss francs, and have been turned away by their bank because they don't meet the minimum transaction size. We welcome small transactions because we know that once you've tried our service, you will likely become a repeat customer. Another common problem is the transaction fee charged by the currency exchange booth at many airports: if you have €15 and £10, and the currency exchange charges you a $5.00 transaction fee (or more) for each currency, you've been robbed! At Euro Coin Exchange you will NEVER pay a transaction fee when you exchange currency . (HINT: Don't be fooled by the quoted rate at the local currency exchange. Do the math. Especially if you have only a few notes, by avoiding the local guys' transaction fees most customers find that they get a BIGGER PAYMENT at Euro Coin Exchange.

How it works
Simply mail your foreign coins to us (we accept notes too) and we will promptly exchange them for US dollars at our published rates with NO HIDDEN FEES, no commissions, no extra charges and no bogus expenses. In most cases, we will send your payment (we will mail you a check, or you can receive payment via PayPal) within one business day of receiving your coins and notes. See our FAQ's page for complete terms and conditions.

Learn more about how our service works by clicking HERE.

We welcome you to explore our website. You will find valuable information about the currencies we buy, the services we provide to individual consumers and businesses, fundraising opportunities for your group or organization, tips for mailing your coins safely and inexpensively, and so much more.

Can't find what you need? Give us a call toll-free at 855-EUROCOIN (855-387-6264) and we'll be glad to help you.